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Below are some of the benefits and cons of *Professional Hive services * offered by Bee Pimpn!

Overall health of the bees,​

Appropriate colony size (appropriate for the season)

Pollen stores

Brood pattern

Queen presence

Honey stores

Mite loads

Disease management

Small hive beetles

Other potential pests



Turn key operation into beekeeping!

Benefit your own property and the greater environment up to 6 miles from your hives!

Have the friendly pollinators lift your spirits and bring you honey!

Have a professional beekeeper ensure the health and Happiness of your colonies!

Leave all the hard work to the professionals; their detailed inspection will include:

After each inspection you will receive a detailed report covering everything you need to know about how your bees are doing!


You may think beekeeping is too easy!

About the Beekeeper: Marcus "Bee Pimpn" Pollard

A professional beekeeper since 2018, he has earned the certification of Master Beekeeper. A program that was conducted in conjunction with UGA/Young Harris College. This is an elite club with only approximately 50 people able to complete the entire program. The program includes disease and pest identification (zero fail standard), treatments, bee and bee like insect identification (zero fail standard), biology, history, hive management techniques, and public service; just to name a few. Outside of beekeeping Bee Pimpn has a loving family with two young sons, nicknamed Bumble and Buzz. Let this seasoned professional take the "sting" out of beekeeping and let his passion radiate through your property.

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