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Beekeeping & Organic

From Our Hive to Your Home - Ethical, Sustainable, Delicious


Welcome to Bee Pimpn!

Our family has been passionately involved in beekeeping for generations, driven by a sincere commitment to sustainability and organic farming practices. At the heart of our mission is the belief that we can make a positive difference in the world through ethical, sustainable beekeeping. Our hands-on, family-operated approach ensures that every service we provide and every product we produce is infused with the love and care that only a family business can provide.

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At Bee Pimpn, we take pride

Honey bee relocation on average is about $1,150 and takes on average 4 hours to do the removal process. Our pricing structure is designed to be fair and transparent, taking into account factors like size, area, and distance. Every service we provide is delivered with utmost professionalism and respect towards our buzzing friends. Free consultation, during which we can discuss your specific needs and how our services can best meet them, please send pictures of the bees and location, address, and approximate height of the entrance.

Why Choose Us

At Bee Pimpn, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We are honored to share numerous testimonials and success stories from our satisfied customers, who appreciate our ethical and professional approach to beekeeping and produce farming. These stories serve as a testament to our dedication and passion for what we do. We invite you to read these testimonials and consider joining our growing community of happy customers.



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Bee Pimpn Products!

Our product range is a testament to the natural bounty of our hives. From the pure, golden goodness of our raw honey to the versatility of our beeswax and the unique flavor of our "hot honey," each product is crafted with meticulous care. Our commitment to organic and pesticide-free farming practices ensures that you get to enjoy products that are as nature intended - pure, wholesome, and absolutely delicious.

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